Our PANDAVVENTURA isn`t just any guided tour! It`s a unique cultural event, an amazing experience that will not be found in any other place and a feeling that you will crave to repeat!

The tour-planners are very well trained and familiar with the terrains you’ll be visiting so that the tours are tailored to intrigue and fill every moment with a particular special content of interest for all the tastes.

The tours are based on all-inclusive offers. That means that once you reach Serbia all the details regarding your tour are our concern, from the vehicles, gas for the ride, accommodation, meals and snacks, to the travel organization itself. All that is expected of you is to relax, enjoy, leave the worries aside, and soak up the atmosphere with all your senses!

Standard minimum of participants would be 4 guests per one “Panda 4×4“

Standard maximum or participants would be 8 adult guests and eventually 2 children

Note: The price rises by 30% for the smaller groups


1.Pandavventura 1. -one day

2.Pandavventura 2.- 2 days\one night

3.Pandavventura 3.- 3 days\2 nights

4.Pandavventura 4.- 6 days\5 nights   —-MOST REQUESTED TOUR

5.Pandavventura 5.- 8 days\7 nights

6.Pandavventura 6.- 13 days\14 nights

7.Pandavventura 7.-14 days\ 15 nights