PANDAVVENTURA is an organization that deals with the adventurers’ tours which takes You to amazing locations with our vehicles, all of them Fiat Panda 4×4 (old version, “the CUBE“).

This amazing sight-seeing tour is executed by driving in a line of vehicles driving along the paths hidden from the eyes of the ordinary tourists. First car in the line is the one with our experienced guides, while the communication between the vehicles is done by radios (walkie-talkies). While cruising, each and every participant will have the opportunity to lead the line in cooperation with our guides, which leads to more hands-on adventure. This way of exploring will stimulate even further the curiosity and the imagination of any traveler.

Beside the soft off-road, enjoyable ride, what Panda Travel offers You would be also a more adrenalin focused tours and moments, which includes obstacle-overcoming tours on very unusual terrains. All of that, always with the support of our very experienced guides, with Your safety and enjoyment as our first priority.

Enjoying the ride wile sightseeing has its charms without a doubt, but no experience would be completed without tasting of rich assortment of local food, for witch we predicted the brakes every 10km or so. These brakes are planted along side of the rout You`ve chosen in a way that will provide You the opportunity for the refreshment, snack or have a coffee, or just unwind while enjoying breath-taking landscapes, or perhaps take some amazing photos or videos.

Main meals are organized to be in ethnic and authentic restaurants and village households, famous by their typical gourmet specialties. We would like to recommend the slow-cooked meals that are being prepared by the old recipes passed from generation to generation and served with care and attention, and with the purpose of completing Your overall pleasure.

While being immersed deep in the wilderness, you will be offered authentic military meal boxes, which is a rare experience by itself.

You would be spending the nights in hotels or village households.

Our guides will be on your disposal not only to make sure that the journey will be safe and up to your standards, but also to recommend and help you choose from the local menus and recommend the particular paths and contents based on your preferences.