Useful information’s

  • Additional useful info for the PANDAVVENTUA travelers:

1. registration/sighing up for the tours

  • To register for our tours its enough to click to the registration link on our page for registration, or just send us your email address after witch, you will be contacted by someone from our team, so we can determine the dates and details regarding the tour of your choice.

2. Drivers

  • our tours don’t demand necessary experience in off-road driving but it is recommended to have a basic driving experience. At any given time, you will be assisted by our tour leader with any necessary information’s or, if you require, will give you an advice on how to overcome certain obstacles

3. other passengers or children passengers

  • Panda 4×4 is a small off-road vehicle. For the safety of all passengers it is not allowed to have more than 2 adults per car, for the sake of overall wait. Third person can eventually be a child between 8 and 14 years of age (not more then 50kg)

4. documents needed

  • it is enough to have a passport or an EU ID card, or passport for the Swiss and EU travelers
  • For the USA citizens, Australia and New Zeeland citizens as well as Russians and Chinese citizens -it is needed to have a valid passport with a valid touristic visa. Besides the passport, it is necessary, for the drivers, to have a valid driving license (it is desirable to have an international driving license as well)

5. clodhing and footwear

  • all our participants will get a polo t-shirt with Pandavventura logo. It is desirable to ware it during the travel for an easier distinction. Please prepare adequate attires for the warm days and colder nights. Our recommendation: 2 pairs of comfy driving shoes and a pair os slippers for the nights in accommodations


  • Fiat panda is a small car with the small trunk which needed to be considered wile choosing the travel luggage. Our recommendation: Bring only the pure necessities

7. Food:

-each of out tours include all the meals: breakfast, morning snack, coffee break, lunch, coffee brake, afternoon snack and dinner. Main meals are usually consumed in restraints or ethnic households. Just in case of a further distance from the inhabited areas, the meals will be consumed outdoors (pre-packed military meals). Coffee brakes and snacks will be consumed outdoors.

8. Vacciens and medicines:

-you don’t need any special vaccines to travel the Balkans. We recommend you to bring a mosquito repellant product and a sun screen product. It is always recommended to bring basic needed medicine that you usually use, just in case

9. Insurance:

  • basic travel insurance is always welcome. You might do it in your own country or upon arrival to Serbia

10. Language and communication with the guides:

  • our guides are chosen by the participants language of origin. Most common are English and Italian language but there is a possibility to engage a guide that speaks your language of origin. Otherwise the communication will be in English, Italian or Spanish language.

11. Currency

  • local currency is DINAR. the ratio is more or less 118 dinars for one euro or 100 dinars=1usd. Your travel package is all inclusive so you will not need to exchange significant amount of money. ATM machines and exchange offices are often to be found but not in the remote village areas.

12. Cancellation policy

  • we are aware of the fact that your travel plans may change at any moment but as all of our tours are planed in advance by booking and reserving by the dates, we are forced to charge some of the expenses even due to the cancellation.
  • 90 days before departure:90% of the money will be reimbursed
  • 60 days before departure:50% of the money will be reimbursed
  • 30 days before departure:30% of the money will be reimbursed
  • less than 30 days before departure: no reimbursement